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To day I am going to review a work of non-fiction.  CancerDance – A love Story by Sheri Dixon.


Blurb:  ‘CancerDance- a love story’, is a journal written while navigating the nightmare existence a perfectly normal family becomes embroiled in once the Big C enters their lives, changing everyone forever.

Spanning almost a decade, ‘CancerDance- a love story’ is a testament to the sheer power of love, a reminder that we’re all much stronger than we think we are, and a warm embrace to those dancing along with us…

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I wonder whatever happened to “normal.”

I asked my son yesterday if he could even, in his ten year existence, remember a time when our family life didn’t consist of hospitals, operations, recovery, repeat. And though he made light of thinking it over, he was serious when he said, “No. Not really.”

I’m trying to come to terms with…

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Voracious Reader

I am reviewing a crafts book today. Make a card awesome! A step-by-step guide to creative card making techniques(Green Crafts) by Mahe Zehra Husain.


make a card


Blurb: Have you ever wanted to give a handmade card to the people you love? There are numerous occasions throughout the year when a little handmade love goes a long way. We’re talking about Birthdays, Anniversaries and Valentines. The birth of a baby, an opportunity to say you’re sorry or a job well done! These are all special moments that deserve to be celebrated with love – handmade love.

“Make a Card Awesome! A step-by-step guide to creative card making techniques” is the only book you’ll need to start a wonderfully creative journey and finally learn how to make a card. And you won’t learn to make just any card! You will get to turn trash into treasure. In this case you will take…

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Today I am doing a review of My Problem With Doors By Scott Southard.




Blurb: Jacob’s life changed in a single moment when, as a toddler, he walked through his bedroom door only to find himself in the office of a British officer in Capetown, 1870. This would begin a thirty-year journey which would take him from ancient to future civilizations, and innumerable places and times in between. Through all of his travels, Jacob seeks for the purpose of his predicament, the significance of his life with all of its joys and suffering, loneliness and impermanence.

My Review: This is a most compelling book. It pulls you in to a fascinating concept from the beginning  Jacob at the age of three goes through the door of his bedroom to another time and place. This starts him on a life long journey through time as another door opens time and time again…

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