“You Gotta Earn it!”

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Finally, self-publishing has moved out of the realm of vanity. Or has it completely?

I keep hearing that a lot of people avoid books by indie authors. I also hear a lot of indie authors bemoaning the fact the indie world still has a bad rap for poorly constructed, poorly edited books and badly behaving authors.

I understand both sides.

As an indie author, I want to be taken seriously. I don’t want my books passed over because of the issues in other books. As a reader, I’ve read some indie books that were so poorly edited, I couldn’t finish reading them.

I can understand if maybe it is a first book by an indie author. We all make mistakes, even if it’s the colossal mistake of skipping professional editing. I know this, because when I released my first book, I made that mistake and I had a few reviews…

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How Important is a Website?


“How important is a website? I’ve agonised over it for months and can’t seem to get it together?”
– Ken Helmers

Good question!

Here are some interesting facts…

According to Netcraft, an internet monitoring firm which has been measuring website growth since 1995, in November 2006 there were 101,435,253 websites with domain names and content. This figure is consistently rising – and fast.

So, to answer your question, yes, I think ALL businesses – new and ‘old’, small and big – should have some kind of web presence. Don’t miss out on this growth!

Even though having a website isn’t (yet) a requisite for doing business; it certainly makes sense to have some kind of web presence in order to get or remain competitive in today’s fierce marketplace.

What’s more, marketing experts are predicting that the number of online consumers will grow by about 50% in the near…

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Bear Season by Bernie Hafeli

Voracious Reader

Today I am reviewing Bear Season by Bernie Hafeli.





Blurb: It’s 1951, and Czeslaw Wierzbicki is on the lookout for a hero after losing his father in WWII. With his uncle who can’t seem to hold a job for more than a few months, Czeslaw sets out on a life-changing journey that takes him from Detroit to Edinburgh, in hopes of meeting Wojtek, the legendary Polish soldier bear.

My Review: This story is a heartwarming tale of a young man coming of age. In post war Detroit in 1951 as a son of Polish immigrants Chester(Czeslaw) finds himself torn between the love of an uncle that fills the void of a father killed in the war and the embarrassment of the same uncle. Uncle Izzy is coping  with post war stress the best he can by drinking and telling what most everyone, including sometimes Chester,thinks are unbelievable stories of a soldier bear that…

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