A Broken Dog?

So sweet !


I think maybe Roxie is broken, or maybe there is something wrong with her.  Why? Well, I’ll get into that.


As most of you know, Roxie was a rescue.  For those that are new to this blog, Roxie spent pretty much her entire young life tethered by a heavy chain to a pole. There was no shade, no shelter from the raging storms of summer or the bitter winds of winter. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she rarely had enough food or water.

Last year, when Kansas was experiencing cloudless skies and triple digit heat for days and days on end (we’re talking 110 – 115 *F), Roxie was laying there in the dirt with the sun beating down on her and not enough water.

When it snowed last winter and dumped sleet on us and the wind howled out of the north a 25 to 35 miles and…

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