Bang(Memoirs of a Relationship Assassin) by David Wailing

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Today I am reviewing Bang(Memoirs of a Relationship Assassin) by David Wailing.





So, you’ve hired a detective agency to prove your partner is cheating on you. But there’s no evidence to be found. Who you gonna call?

Me. I am the assassin. Your friend. 

Anything your other half secretly desires, whatever makes her give in to temptation… that’s who I’ll become. Get close to her. Take her out. Bang. That’s what a relationship assassin does. Infidelity for hire! 

My Review: I really enjoyed this book. You want to not like the main character but you end up not being able to dislike him. I mean how can you like someone who purposely breaks up relationships. Scott or whatever name he is using has morals though. I mean he has a set of rules that make it better…

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SPSS Step by Step: Essentials for Social and Political Science by Cole Davis

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Today I am reviewing SPSS Step by Step: essentials for Social and Political Science by Cole Davis.




Blurb: SPSS Step by Step is a concise overview for beginning and intermediate statistical test users. Clearly written—and without relying on mathematical formulas—it covers topics such as qualitative data analysis, multiple regression, survival analysis, and factor analysis. A logically ordered guide to analyzing everyday problems, it will prove invaluable for undergraduate and postgraduate students and academics undertaking or teaching research and will also be of interest to professionals in social work, criminal justice, health, and education.

My Review: I must admit I kept passing over this in my TBR pile. The subject kind of intimidated me. I mean, gasp, math. I shudder at the thought. Well my conscience got the better of me so I picked it up determined to give it a go. To my surprise and relief it was…

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The Selkie Sorceress (Seal Island Trilogy Book 3) by Sophie Moss

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Today I am reviewing the third book in the Seal Island Trilogy The Selkie Sorceress by Sophie Moss.





Blurb: American detective Sam Holt has a knack for finding people who shouldn’t be found. When his last case almost killed an innocent woman, he swore off detective work forever. But when this same woman asks him for one last investigation–to find her husband’s long lost mother–Sam cannot refuse. Clairvoyant Irish artist Glenna McClure will do anything to stop Sam, even if it means teaming up with a powerful sorceress who she knows she cannot trust. But when the petals of a mysterious night-blooming rose begin to turn black, Glenna realizes that an even darker force is at work. To protect the people she loves, Glenna will have to face a terrible curse that has haunted her all her life before the final petal fades to ash.

My Review:

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The Selkie Spell by Sophie Moss

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Today I am reviewing a book I got as a gift. The Selkie Spell by Sophie Moss.



SELKIEBlurb: American doctor Tara Moore wants to disappear. On the run from an abusive husband, she seeks shelter on a windswept Irish island and dismisses the villagers’ speculation that she is descended from a selkie–a magical creature who is bewitching the island. But when a ghostly woman appears to her with a warning, Tara realizes it was more than chance that brought her to this island. Desperate to escape a dark and dangerous past, she struggles against a passionate attraction to handsome islander, Dominic O’Sullivan. But the enchantment of the island soon overpowers her and she falls helpless under its spell. Caught between magic and reality, Tara must find a way to wield both when a dangerous stranger from her past arrives, threatening to destroy the lives of everyone on the…

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