Where Fantasy Began For Me

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Where Fantasy Began For Me

I remember clearly the first time I was really tugged into the world of fantasy. It wasn’t Cinderella, it wasn’t Snow White. In fact, it wasn’t Disney at all.  It had a much darker tone than Disney delved into back then.

I was nine and although up until then I had enjoyed the fairy tales that Disney spun, they hadn’t hooked me. But then,  along came a movie that not only hooked me into the fantasy realm, but actually left a piece of that realm in me when I left. A piece that grew quietly in the background, slowly wrapping its magic fingers around my heart and imagination.

Other movies would come, so would books. But this movie, was the one that started it all. Legend.


Then, the beautifully created pictures of dragons on my oldest brother’s Dungeons and Dragons books came along. My…

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