Island Eyes, Island Skies by Richard Levine

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Today I am reviewing Island Eyes, Island Skies by Richard Levine.





Blurb: This is the story of a friendship that develops between Rob, an introspective middle school boy, and D.C., a tall, smart-alecky girl from another town. The two meet and are drawn to each other at D.C.’s cousin’s early summer party, but as soon thereafter tragedy strikes their respective families, they don’t see each other again until the following fall. Although generally lighthearted and humorous in tone, the novel is at times serious, expressing honest, heart-felt emotion as it recounts the growth of the friendship — until tragedy strikes one more time.  Recommended for ages 11 and up.

My Review: This is possibly the best young adult book I have ever read. Don’t like young adult, read it anyway it is really a book for all ages. This is a  very touching story of a twelve year…

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