October is coming

Voracious Reader

With the month of October I am going to open back up for review requests. I am going to do things a little bit different than when I first started. I could not believe the number of review requests I received the first time around. I though I would be sitting twiddling my thumbs. I mean who wants to hear from me, I’m not famous or anything.

I received some real good books, some so-so and well some real stinkers. This time I am going to be a little bit picky. Since I have a real hard time not finishing a book, even if it is awful I am going to preview them better before I accept. Please make sure your book has been edited before you submit. While I know that all books will have a flaw or two and can overlook that the ones that are just thrown…

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Ouray’s Peak, by Leigh Podgorski- Five Star Review!!!

Pen Possessed



Although I love many books, give many four and five star reviews, it is rare that a book seems to physically move me. From start to finish, “Ouray’s Peak” by Leigh Podgorski was a book which wrapped me up in the story. I could feel what the characters were feeling, see what they were seeing, and hear what they were saying. The story touches me. Although I am not Ute, I have a strong Native American lineage, and I know well many of the things done to the people- of varying tribes. The story conveys it’s deep seeded message in an entertaining way, and the word choice is…perfect. I really am not sure what words I can use to explain just how truly gripping, thrilling, touching, and…perfect… this story really is. I’m rambling, and I know this, but allow me to say this: I recommend this book to…

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If Disney Villains Were Beautiful |

Lexy Wolfe

If Disney Villains Were Beautiful |.

While I love Disney most of the time, there are times that their social manipulation is… annoying.  Ugly is Bad.  Beauty is Good.  This is what gets ingrained in our children’s psyche.  At least the girls are curvy and not the anemic, carpenters’ dream models tend to be.

Imagine the depths of the stories if they just made characters look… real.  It isn’t what you see that defines them, but who they are that does.  What kind of a world we might have.

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