RWBY by RoosterTeeth — Awesome!

Lexy Wolfe

So, I have been putting together the playlist of the new web series RWBY done by RoosterTeeth.  This is the brainchild of Monty Oum and I think it is absolutely awesome.  They release a new episode every Thursday on their website, and the previous week’s release on YouTube, which is what I have compiled here.

Some have complained that the episodes are too short.  The reason some are short is what they truly do is release the equivalent of a movie over the span of weeks, and what they release are scenes.  When they compile them together to release the DVD, they are merged and the whole story is blended together.  While I, too, want more than what they give, it is their prerogative.  They are putting real work into this.  This is what the United States of America is about.  It is hypocritical to demand more and expect…

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