“So Fell the Sparrow” Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon!

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So Fell the Sparrow Cover PRINT copy

We are just over three weeks away from release day of So Fell the Sparrow! I am thrilled to announce that you can pre-order the print edition for 30% off on Amazon! The book releases on November 21st, so snatch it up at the pre-order price while it lasts!

Click HERE to pre-order the book!

SO FELL THE SPARROW by Katie Jennings

After the tragic death of her parents, Dr. Grace Sullivan inherits more than she bargained for. An empty house she’s never heard of, a nosy neighbor, and the restless spirits of a violent, century old murder.

A hard-nosed skeptic, Grace refuses to believe in ghosts despite hearing sounds and seeing things that can’t be explained.

When she unearths antique furniture from the basement, the spirits become agitated and dangerous. Ian Black and Alex Gallagher, a team of ghost hunters, come in to investigate.

Still denying the paranormal…

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River of Bones By Angela J. Townsend






River-of-Bones-CoverTitle:  River of Bones

Author:  Angela J. Townsend

Published:  October 30th, 2013 by Clean Teen Publishing

Word Count:  50,000

Genre:  YA Horror

Recommended Age:  14+


When 17-year-old Dharma Moore moves to Bayou country so her scam artist mother can work as a Paranormal Investigator, she discovers more than ghosts haunt the abandoned plantation they now call home. Centuries ago, a voodoo curse was placed on the swamp waters surrounding the old plantation by a murdered slave. A terrible curse that snares Dharma. To save herself, she must face the terror of the haunted waters, find the dead woman’s skull and convince the slave’s soul to release her from its torments. However, there is more to this curse for Dharma personally than anyone else knows as she discovers an ancient secret that links herself to the property—a secret kept from her by her own family…

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What Is It Like to Be a Ghost? – A “So Fell the Sparrow” Short

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Happy Friday once again! We are one more week closer to the release of my haunted romance So Fell the Sparrow! Did you know you can enter to win a free print copy of the book on Goodreads? Check it out! Plus, Gypsy of Spirits is FREE today (10/25/13) on Amazon so if you haven’t yet checked it out I invite you to download it for free!

This week I want to do something a little different. I was toying with ideas over what to write that would be interesting and informative in regards to the paranormal, but wasn’t really feeling the topics I’d planned out. Instead, I thought it would be fun to explore how I imagine the world appears to the spirits who roam among us. It’s an intriguing concept, if you think about it. Do they see exactly what we see? Do they hear what…

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Catch Up With Author TONI SINNS



The Blazing Charm Series is about a group of young adults who are not only dealing with getting through their high school drama but also have multiple layers of secrets to hide, along with people to hide from. As the pack connects and grows you learn about how entangled each ones life is with the others. From illegal street races, to blowing up gang cars, all the way to going toe to toe with the mafia this adventure will keep you on your toes. Some calls are just a little to close for comfort. (The final book 4 will be available 2014)

Emotions can run deep in ones soul and poetry can let them surface to
the ears of others. This book is about the deep set…

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Shoes Are You My Mate by Jennifer Moran and Camille Brown

Voracious Reader

Today I am reviewing Shoes Are You My Mate by Jennifer Moran and Camille Brown.


Blurb: The joyous story of a hot-shot soccer shoe named Lefty who feels compelled to search for his real mate — leaving his old mate, Dex, behind. On a daring journey filled with courage and laughter, he learns the true meaning of friendship.

This is a picture book 18 pages long.

My Review: This a cute children’s book that teaches that the joy of playing the game, and doing it fairly, is more important than  winning. It  is a great lesson to read and teach young children and one that quite a few adults should take a look at as well. I give this a 4 star rating.


BeFunky_4 Stars.jpg


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