Vanguard of Hope, By Kathy Steinemann- Five Star Review

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“Vanguard of Hope” by Kathy Steinemann is an intense book which is strongly based on sexual abuse in children. It is said to be a diary of one of her ancestors, although certain parts of the books make me wonder if it is, in fact, a work of fiction- whether by Steinemann or Hope. I read it as though it were a memoir, and along with the information in the back, it made me sick- but not in the way you are thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I highly recommend that everyone read it. What makes me sick is that people who sexually abuse children are so true-and that the majority of these abuses occur as a result of a close friend or family member of the child. I will be writing a blog post about this, but… I do know people who were sexually abused…

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