Storm il’Thandar by SableKage on deviantART

Lexy Wolfe

Storm il’Thandar by SableKage on deviantART.

Eee!  I have fan art!  The most wonderful SableKage on deviantART was inspired to draw Storm il’Thandar, one of the characters from my books! The picture is available on prints or art gifts (like mugs, coasters, etc.)  She has my permission to create Sundered Lands artwork, so please consider lending her your support.

If you are not familiar with my work, please check out my Book Shop to discover more about Storm and all the others in The Sundered Lands.

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The World of Audio


I entered the world of audio books recently. Not as in I’ve started buying them, but as in I’ve started getting my books into that format.

Embers at Galdrilene is now available in audio and Tears of War is in production. I originally entered the realm of audio because of the many requests I was getting to make it available in that format.

However, after receiving two messages this morning from two different people who were thrilled to have been able to enjoy Embers in audio, it shed a new light on it. One of the messages came from a person who is completely blind and loves audio books because of the worlds it opens up. That alone made the work of getting a book into audio well worth the time. If that had been the only audio book I ever sold, it would have been worth it just for…

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