You’re a writer? Really? Uhm…

Lexy Wolfe

A bit of advice to writers, indie or professional: every word you type is your resume. EVERY word.

Being employed full time to a paying, if maddening sometimes, job, I can totally understand not wanting to think about work when I’m not working. My job is my job and I’m only paid for 8 hours 5 times a week worth of effort to think or perform tasks for it.

Writing articles or novels or whatever can be work, yes, but it is also communication. No matter when you are communicating, how you are communicating, you should put effort into communicating clearly and properly. That means good grammar, good spelling, good punctuation, and good diction. No text speech, no lazy “I can’t be bothered” lack of effort.

How you communicate says a lot about you.  More than you can imagine, for more things than you realize.  Sure, you might find that…

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