Shhhhh, Do You Hear That? Do You Feel It Coming?




The wind is blowing out of the north at a sustained 25 mph and gusting to 32 mph.  There is a snow storm bearing down on my location as I type this. The high today is 32. Not bad. Tomorrow the high for my location is forecasted to be 17 *F.  17 is also supposed to be the high for Monday.

In spite of the current weather and in spite of the fact it’s only January 4th, when I’m outside I can hear it coming. I can feel it in the days that are already growing longer.

Spring is coming.


Seed catalogs are already arriving in the mail. Garden and canning planning are already underway in my house.









Last summer I sold off all of my livestock. I now find that I wish I hadn’t, especially the chickens. We are now anxiously awaiting…

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