If Human History Were TV Show


I found a funny but interesting meme on Facebook and shared it to my author page there. One of my author friends then posted a link to someone who wrote a tongue in cheek blog post about TV and World War II and how unbelievable it would be if it were a fictional show (or even book).

Here is the meme (and the rest is below)


And here is a couple of quotes from the blog:

“Let’s start with the bad guys. Battalions of stormtroopers dressed in all black, check. Secret police, check. Determination to brutally kill everyone who doesn’t look like them, check. Leader with a tiny villain mustache and a tendency to go into apopleptic rage when he doesn’t get his way, check.”

“Not that the good guys are much better. Their leader, Churchill, appeared in a grand total of one episode before, where he was a bumbling…

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War on Amazon? Why?


Quoted from the article:

“It’s probably not a coincidence that many of the most strident anti-Amazon advocates are making millions (in Patterson’s case, hundreds of millions) of dollars within the publishing system as it currently exists. It’s simply human nature to believe that a system that has worked for me is a just system, a desirable system, the best or possibly even the only system, and that anything that might change that system is illegitimate, menacing and even evil.

But look: if Amazon is indeed doing so much to destroy literature and all the rest, if the situation really is so dire that the US government has to pass laws to fix it, why haven’t Patterson, Robinson, Russo, Turow and other anti-Amazon authors demanded that their publishers pull their books from Amazon? How can someone condemn a company’s evil, monopolistic, culture- and livelihood-destroying ways … while continuing to…

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Signed Dragon’s Call Bundle And Swag Giveaway!


As those of you who have followed me for while know, today was supposed to be the release day for Ashes and Spirits. Due to some struggles with the story in the beginning, a computer crash that held my files hostage, and an extremely busy spring with my small-town-urban-farm, obviously the release date has arrived without the book being ready.
For that, I sincerely apologize.

I am working diligently (minus the past few days of ickiness) to bring Ashes and Spirits to shelves as soon as possible. The end is in sight. I can say that there have been a few surprises along the way that I wasn’t expecting to happen. And one thing that I have fought against the whole way only to find out it will happen anyway no matter what I do. The story and the characters have decreed it.

I will do my best to keep…

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