Dragon’s Call as a Movie?


Well, not quite yet. However, there is a site that claims to help with that. The Imagine Film List. Post the book you want made into a movie, the actors you  think would play the characters best and find support.

I posted Embers at Galdrilene last night along with the actors I thought would play the parts best, and the director I wanted. The more support it gets, the more likely it is to be seen by the people who decide these kinds of things.

It looks like this:


So, if you want to see Dragon’s Call turned into a movie, click on the link below and over on the left is a big bluish “Support” button. Click that. 


Like the actors already there? Hover over their pic and click the thumbs up. Don’t like them? Add your selection to the list.

Have fun, support it, and maybe, just…

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