I often get asked, “Where do you get your ideas?”  Usually asked with the same tone and inflections as, “Where do you get your shoes?” Or its alternate, “How do you come up with your ideas?”

I’ve heard and read a lot of stock answers to these questions and also said them myself: I go for a walk, I people watch, I listen to music, etc. And then I realized that none of those actually answer the questions because they’re nearly impossible to answer.

For the first question: “Where do you get your ideas?” Well, it isn’t like there is an idea store I can go to and browse through the isles putting a box of character, a jar of setting, and a can of inciting incident into my cart. Where do I get them? Hell if I know. They get me. They find me. Somewhere, deep in my subconscious maybe…

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New blog look and extras


For those of you that have followed me for a while, you will notice a new look to the blog and site as a whole. It took a few tries over the course of the last few months to find a set up and design I was happy with. In addition to the new layout, if you hover over the “My Books” tab, you will see a drop down menu, at the bottom of which is “Dragon’s Call Specials.”

On that page you will find Dragon’s Call shorts that take place after the end of Ashes. I was originally going to put these only in the newsletter, but then realized that a lot of people don’t bother with newsletters. So I thought I would put them here where they could be found as people discover the books and my site. These shorts are in PDF format and are free to…

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