Pushing kids to read books they don’t like


Today I ran across an article about how Shakespeare is required in school whether or not kids have any interest in it all.

Then I ran across a summer reading program where they are paying kids to read. Kids read the books, write a report and send it in, then receive a check for up to 40.00 for their efforts. They can repeat this as often as they want throughout the summer. The catch, they have to read books on the list offered by the site who is doing this.

Then I ran across a post on Facebook about eating what you’re told when you’re a kid.


All of it started to connect in my mind and it bothered me. By forcing kids to read the books we think are classics (who the hell decided they were classics in the first place?), by forcing them to read from a strict…

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OMG, Amazon Changed How They Pay For Borrows, The Sky Is Falling!


The sky is falling, the sky is falling!


Amazon changed how they are paying authors for books borrowed through Kindle Unlimited. Panic is spreading, there appears to be a great gnashing of teeth, Amazon is an evil overlord out to kill the very authors it makes money from, THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END!


At least that seems to be the general consensus out there and I’m not sure why. Authors petitioned Amazon for this change, why is there a bunch of screaming about it now that Amazon listened to them.

First of all, despite what some fear mongers are posting, this does not affect sales. Amazon is not going to start paying royalties by pages read. According to the email I got from Amazon this affects borrows ONLY.

Before, if someone borrowed a book and read 10% then the author got the amount paid out for a borrow and…

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