Why The Assumption About Geeks?


Today on Facebook I saw this pic with the “Caption this” prompt:


Most of the captions were things like, “Must be nice to still live at home.” “Still living in mom’s basement.” “Still living at home.” “The joys of still living at home.”
Why? Why this assumption that if you are a geek or a gamer (or both) and have a large collection of things reflecting that then you must still be living at home?

Nobody looks at a post of someone’s thousands of dollars worth of hunting. camping, or fishing equipment thinks the person must still be living with their parents. No one looks at someone’s expensive new sports car and thinks they must still be living in their mom’s basement. Somehow these things area symbols of success at life and collections of geekery are seen as symbols of failing at life.

Guess what? Geeks are perfectly capable of…

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Happy Holidays Book Giveaway!


The holidays are upon us, cold weather is creeping in, families are getting together, people are spending their time hiding in the closet with a glass of wine in their effort to avoid batty Aunt Edna. Families are gathered around tables pretending to like food they really don’t. Diet plans are being crushed under the weight of pie, and cookies, and FUDGE (okay so maybe that last is just me). Cats are gleefully destroying carefully decorated trees. Dogs are being “helpful” by chewing open presents. And everyone has had just about as much holiday music and crowded stores as they can handle (unless you did like me and shopped online while sipping coffee and relaxing in your pajamas). In a few short days wrapping paper will be flying and one again too much food will be eaten, chaos and mayhem will take over living rooms, and then likely more food…

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