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Today I am joined by fantasy and paranormal romance author, Audra Trosper.


The Fun Five:

1  What part of the world do you come from?

Technically, I’m from the United States. But that’s just to cover up my outer space alieness.

2  What did you want to be when you grew up?


3  List three words to describe yourself.

Weird, imaginative, introverted

4  Who would play you in a film about your life?

Someone who doesn’t exist yet because by the time I’m famous enough for someone to make a movie about me, it’s going to be many, many years from now. If ever.

5  I understand you have extensive knowledge about the proper care and raising of dairy goats.  Do you have any other unique hobbies or talents?

My hobbies (way of life, whatever) include gardening, canning (both water bath and pressure), raising chickens, cooking, and reading. I’ve…

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Bound by Legend Cover Reveal and Pre-Order!


Bound by Legend has a cover and is officially up for pre-order on Amazon!


When demons show up there will be hell to pay…

At nineteen Morgan has already faced more loss than she can handle and has more experience living on the street than she wants. Unable to do anything other than keep on the move in order to hide from the demons that hunt her, she guards her heart and emotions carefully. But when the demons start talking to her and calling her by a name from another life, things spiral beyond her control.

Lucian, an ancient dark angel who has seen his fair share of lives, is happy being a free agent until he’s assigned to Morgan. Determined to do everything on her own, she’s unlike any channel he’s ever met.
As the danger mounts and a demon prepares to open a gateway to the underworld, Morgan…

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